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Washington Laborshed 2017 updates

A year ago, we provided data about the 2016 Laborshed analysis for Washington, Washington County, and the Creative Corridor.

Iowa Workforce Development has updated many of those reports for 2017.


Reports to view or download:

The employment sector reports include maps, benefits, and wage information broken down by Mean, Entry, Experienced, and Median wage, along with Mean Annual Salary. Great stuff.

If you're an employer, this is some great info to review to better understand the employment scene in greater Washington County and Southeast Iowa.

To search for Laborshed full reports across Iowa, visit this page at the IWD Labor Market Information.

This data is also listed on the WEDG Data webpage.


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Washington County Laborshed 2016

Several weeks ago, Iowa Workforce Development (IWD) presented our 2016 Laborshed Analysis for Washington and communities around Washington County. This is some great info for employers.

A Laborshed Analysis measurers several factors. First, IWD survey private and public employers to find out what zip code their employees live in. This helps to show the zip codes where people live and where they work. Second, IWD surveys households in the zip codes about their employment status, wages, education, and willingness to change employment. IWD has more information about method and statistics about Laborsheds on their web site.

If you're an employer, this is some great info to review to better understand the employment scene in greater Washington County and Southeast Iowa. Some of the exciting topics include:

  • Education attainment
  • Education fields
  • Commuting time
  • Age profiles by employment status
  • Insurance & Benefits
  • Reasons for considering a job change, or staying put
  • Profile of Underemployed, Not Employed, Homemakers, & Retired
  • Laborshed maps by community

 Laborshed Documents to view or download:



This information and documents is also available on WEDG's web site in the Data & Demographics page.

If you'd like a hard copy of the full Laborshed Analysis report, or any of the other reports, contact WEDG and we can help!

If you'd like assistance in understanding or interpreting the Laborshed data and maps, contact WEDG and we can help (along with IWD staff)!

Lastly, thanks to these partners for helping local economic development groups like WEDG to fund the Laborshed Analysis reports in Washington County and in the other 6 counties in Iowa's Creative Corridor - Washington County Riverboat Foundation, Alliant Energy, Kirkwood Community College, CIPCO, and Mid-American Energy.


WEDG Workforce Development Mtg., 1/27 @ 8am

Having a tough time hiring? Having to work extra hard to get good applications?

As an important employer in the Washington County area, please REGISTER for you or someone in your organization to attend our occasional WASHINGTON COUNTY WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT meeting next Wednesday morning. We’re putting together the info you want into ONE meeting. Really, this is going to be a great meeting. Don’t miss it.

WHAT:     • Laborshed Analysis for Washington, County & Creative Corridor
                      - Iowa Workforce Development (NEW REPORT!)
      • Wage data by occupation/job title and sector - IWD
      • Workplace Learning Connection update
      • Kirkwood Regional Center update
      • Kirkwood Manufacturing, Healthcare, Sector Board updates
      • United Way of Johnson & Washington Counties
      • Networking & updates from attending employers

WHEN:      Wednesday, January 27, 8:00-10:30am 
                  (Manufacturing Sector Board from 7-8am)

WHERE:    Washington County Fairgrounds 4-H Dallmeyer Hall
                  611 Hwy 1 South, Washington, IA 52353

RSVP:    CLICK HERE TO REGISTER (free) (registration not required but really helps us with planning)

Other upcoming interesting events:

Monday, March 21st, Annual Dinner for WEDG, Washington Chamber, & Main Street Washington @ Riverside Casino, $40

February date TBD - Housing Summit - Washington County hasn’t recovered the new home building pace of pre-2008. How do we get more housing going? Grow the workforce? Add construction jobs?

Want to see older (2012, 2010) Laborshed reports and commuting patters?

Feel free to contact me (319-653-3942, with any questions or comments.

Even more interesting things:

Map of the Week - Iowa Legislative Service Agency (LSA) a non-partisan agency at the State Capitol, produces a weekly thematic map of interesting data that helps your understanding of Iowa's Counties, and the State.

IWD's Labor Market Information web site - Updated website with great data on employment, industry and occupational statistics, wages, projections, trends and other workforce characteristics.

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New Laborshed study to begin soon

The Washington Economic Development Group, a part of the 7-county Iowa's Creative Corridor, is poised to begin a Laborshed study examining the relationship between where employees live and where they work.

The study also will examine where and how employers find employees, and aims to assist existing and future businesses with understanding the size and characteristics of the area's labor force.

The Laborshed study will be conducted in by the Bureau of Research and Analysis, a division of Iowa Workforce Development (IWD).

Letters will be sent to employers in the 7-county region asking for aggregate counts of their employees' residential ZIP codes. Once the "laborshed" area is determined, a confidential household telephone survey will be conducted in those identified areas. The questions will cover topics such as occupation, employment status, current and desired wages, current and desired benefits and education level.

Survey results will be applied to demographic data to determine the size of the region's area labor force, as well as various labor force characteristics. IWD will not be asking survey takers any identifiable information such as their name, social security number or date of birth.

When the study is complete, the results for each county and regional laborshed analysis will be available at and For questions, contact IWD’s Ryan Murphy at (515) 281-7505 or Ed Raber at WEDG (319) 653-3942.

The laborshed study is funded by area economic development organizations throughout the 7-county Creative Corridor, Alliant Energy and other utilities, Kirkwood Community College, and a grant from the Washington County Riverboat Foundation.

To view/download previous Laborshed studies in the area check out these links:

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Washington Area Laborshed Analysis

Last Fall, WEDG and other economic development groups in the Corridor Alliance, contracted with Iowa Workforce Development (IWD) Regional Research & Analysis Bureau to complete local area and a regional Laborshed Analysis. In March, WEDG hosted a presentation by IWD's Paula Nissen to talk about the report and discuss some key insights.

There is a lot of data and maps to look at in the report, which is available for download. There is information on wages by industry sector, benefits, employed, unemployed and other facinating tidbits, including lots of maps like this one.

Some Highlights from the Report

  • Random phone sample (including cell phones) of 405 people - employed, unemployed, retirees & homemakers. (95% confidence level)
  • About 12,000 employed people within about 30 min of Washington are willing to change jobs for a job in Washington. 47% of them have a post-secondary degree.
  • About 22% of employed persons worked in Education (think schools and University of Iowa)
  • About 10% worked in Manufacturing
  • The average hourly wage was $14.97 (for hourly workers) and the average salary was $52,000.
  • Those most interested or likely to change jobs currently average $11.83 per hour or about $43,000 in salary.
  • Those least likely to change jobs make an average of $16.38 per hour or have a salary of about $55,000.
  • In order to entice employed persons to change jobs, the wages should be between $15.00 - $16.12 per hour, or at least $60,000 in salary.
  • From Washington zip code (52353), about 25% commute outside the area, primarily to Johnson County.
  • For unemployed persons, their previous wage averaged $9.50 per hour, and they are looking for jobs paying $10-$10.50 per hour.
  • 25% of unemployed persons have a post-secondary degree.

Exciting downloads!

Employers around Washington County that are interested in getting more specific information about the laborforce, particular wage ranges, and other data you can't find in the reports should take heart. IWD has a mountain of local, regional and statewide data that doesn't fit in to these Laborshed Analysis reports, but may be available upon request. Contact Ed Raber to request some data mining from the Laborshed Analysis.

An upcoming blog post will be some information from IWD's presentation about the Skilled Iowa program and ACT's National Career Rediness Certificate (formerly called "Skilled Advantage" by Kirkwood). Also info presented on the Kirkwood Regional Education Center about to break ground in Washington this Spring.